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Introducing KASINA Mink Lashes

KASINA's beautiful mink lashes are made with Real mink hair which provides a soft and fluffy texture, unlike synthetic or silk lashes. A cotton band on the mink lashes provides structure for a lightweight, comfortable, and natural feeling wear, as opposed to thick and heavy plastic bands that support synthetic lashes.

Our mink lashes are meticulously prepared by hand to blend flawlessly with your existing lashes. Though silk lashes can be less uniform and thus provide a lovely natural look, their strands tend to be thicker and the depth of their black color can often look unnatural.

Like our 100% human hair lashes, the mink lashes also gracefully taper to a fine point on each individual lash providing the most realistic look the market has to offer. Mink also provides an incredibly light feel to the eye as to never make the lid feel weighed down or to bring discomfort to the wearer whereas silk lashes tend to be heavy and can cause irritation to the eye. Under the proper care, mink lashes can be reused up to 25 compared to the 3-5 times offered by the synthetic and silk lash.